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The Most Sustainable Dog Chew Available - Antler Dog Chews

The Most Sustainable Dog Chew Available - Antler Dog Chews

While we always want to do what’s best for our dogs and give them things we love, it’s also important to look out for the environment as well. Unfortunately, many dog products are made of plastic, produced in factories and shipped around the world to various warehouses to be stored. But there are eco-friendly alternatives that your dog will love.

Antlers Are Renewable And Sustainable

Wild Antler Dog Chews

Antler dog chews are one of, if not the most renewable and sustainable dog  chew available. Antler naturally fall off every year and regrow.

We collect these antlers, cut them to size and ship them to enthusiastic dogs so they can enjoy it for months to come.

This process is natural, renewable, and ethical. There is no harm to the animals or the environment making them a great option for environmentally minded people.

How do antlers grow?

Bull Elk In Antler Velvet


Male members in the deer family grow antlers year after year. The size and shape of the antler will depend on the age and species of the animal. As animals enter their prime they will grow their biggest set of antlers.

Antlers begin growing in the spring and are covered by a soft, fuzzy substance known as velvet. The velvet provides the antlers with the minerals and nutrients the antlers need to grow.

Later in the year, in the end of summer or early fall, the antlers will harden and the animals will begin to shed their velvet, showcasing their new, beautiful rack.

The antlers will start off in a light tan color but darken over time as they are rubbed against trees and brush.

In the winter the deer will shed their antlers and the process will begin again, causing no harm to the animals or environment.

This is a beautiful process that adds to the joy of antler dog chews. Now you get to give your dog a chew they will love with complete peace of mind knowing it is natural, ethical, and sustainable.

Where Are Antlers Found?

Naturally Shed Elk Antler

Antlers are found where deer, elk, moose and caribou are found. This includes a vast area from wilderness, mountains to farmlands depending on the species.

Elk antlers are found in western states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and more. Elk move to lower elevations  during the winter resulting in sheds found in rolling hills, valleys, etc.

Deer antlers are found in more diverse areas because they have a larger habitat range. The best way to find deer antlers is to find where they winter.

Moose antlers are often found on creeks with food-rich environments. Moose antlers are also found on south facing hillsides with alder where they can feed and encounter less snow.

Get Your Dog The Best Antler Chews

Fresh Antler Dog Chews

Blue Paws Pets provide premier antler chews dogs love. We only provide products we would give to our very own dogs helping us go above and beyond so your dog gets the very best. You can see our full collection of antler chews here at Blue Paws Pets.

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